A classic beginning…the need for something different, something better...

skin-loving, handmade soaps

Small batch, handmade soap is not a new concept, nor very difficult to find these days. Mel’s Soap Shop was founded to introduce into the marketplace something different, something better!

Melissa Blanton had a desire to create a soap that was not merely an acceptable alternative to that which is mass produced, chemically processed and common, but a soap so unexpected, so loved that a shower just might never be the same… and that is just what she's done.

What puts Mel’s Soap's in a class by themselves, is the truly unique, soft feel to each soap and the incredibly luxurious lather, as well as scents so uncommon and beautiful – they have no equal. Each cold process batch, made with only the highest quality ingredients and purity standards, is lovingly cared for and watched over by Melissa herself from the day it is first begun, until the day it ships.

One bar is all it takes for you to fall in love. And why not? Discover your new found passion and change the way you shower!

located in Lutz, FL

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