Cedar Soap Dish & Soap

Gifting made easy! 


Take home a small size soap dish made exclusively for Mel's Soap bar with a complimentary rose-shaped bar of soap! 


Handcrafted in Lutz, FL, these cedar soap dishes are perfect for Mel's Soap bars and compliment any sink, shower or bathtub!  This un-treated, well draining wooden soap dish will allow  excess water to drip and drain away from the bar, allowing your bar to dry quickly and last longer than ever before!! 


These soap dishes are made by hand from a solid piece of cedar, each one being unique and slightly differnet from the next.  Also, reversible!  Choose the side you prefer!


Size: approx. 3.25"x3.25"x.75"


**note: the wood is not treated, therefore you may notice some discoloration or warping from water with usage, however with proper care and cleaning the dish will return to a lighter color and lay flat.  You can leave untreated or stain/paint yourself, if you'd rather.**

Cedar Soap Dish & Soap