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Caring For Your Soaps

Our homemade Soaps do not contain all the harsh chemicals which allow mass-produced bars to last a long time.


Excessive water exposure will melt your soap and cause it to become mushy!!!

No one likes a mushy bar of soap!


Following these simple guidelines will allow you to get the most out of your Bar 

  • Soaps should kept in a dry, cool place. Preferably, keep them out of direct sunlight as well.

  • Allow your Soap to dry after each use. This will make for a long lasting bar!

  • Do not allow Soaps to sit in water or allow water to make contact with soap when not in use. 

A mushy Soap will get all over your tub, shower or sink and make a huge mess!  So...

Let your Soap dry in a well-draining soap dish and out of the way of water!

We have those too! Be sure to check out our Handmade Soap Dishes!

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